One of the most expected albums of this year from the Chinese independent music scene, the new CD “Shadow” by internationally-acclaimed Xinjiang Kazakh musician Mamer and his band “IZ”(pronounced as “Yeez”) will be released in July 2011. Mamer & IZ will hold a concert at Beijing’s Yugong Yishan Club on July 14 to celebrate the new release, before embarking on a Europe tour that will take them to three major world music festivals.

Mamer & IZ has spent almost a year in the making of the album, which blends elements of traditional Kazakh music, industrial, avant-garde and post rock.

“I’m stunned by Mamer & IZ’s new CD ‘Shadow’. This is the best example of the fusion of ethnic and modern music that I have ever heard. I immediately became their fan after hearing it, and I feel proud to be living by the side of such musicians,” says Xie Tianxiao, one of China’s most famous rockers.

Established music critic Zhang Xiaozhou comments that “Mamer is one of the most important contemporary Chinese musicians. Without IZ, no music festival can boast to ‘have gathered the best bands in China’. They used to be the best folk band, yet the ‘craze for folk’ did not benefit them. They are now a great rock band, although the rock circle hasn’t learned that yet.”

Mamer founded IZ(“footprints” in Kazakh language) in 2002. They became widely known in the world through the CD “Eagle” released by the UK record company Real World in 2009. At WOMAD UK in 2009, they were so welcomed by the audience that they sold more CDs at the festival than any other band.

Now Mamer & IZ are going to surprise the world again with their new sounds.

After the CD release concert in Beijing, Mamer & IZ will perform at the Kultur Festivallen in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, on July 20; at FMM Festival in Sinus, Portugal, on July 23; and Sfinks Festival in Boechout, Belgium, July 31.


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