Landing on the Beijing scene in 2010, Love’s Tourettes play a mean funk groove overlaid with rap vocals infused with indie rock energy and a brush of psychedelia. Their original tunes draw on the musical roots of each member: from punk to hip hop, from neo-soul to Aussie “pirate rock.”

Vocals/guitar: Matt Perloe (US)Bass: Garth Heron (Australia)

Drums/vocals: Tim Khang (US)Keyboard: Chris Adams (US)



Who Shot Holga ,Music style: Two-thirds chick rock.

Who Shot Holga is an original three-piece rock band from Hong Kong with the motto – ‘faster’. Their music mashes the sexiness of the French with old school Brit punk and smart-assed Aussie wit. The result was listened to by a pack of chihuahuas that, in a long and convoluted story, lead to the shooting of Holga.

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