The Face

One of China’s original rock bands, The Face has become synonymous with Chinese pop metal.

Featured first on the groundbreaking China Fire series, The Face carefully crafted a pop sound out of the overwhelmingly metal atmosphere of the 1990s in which the band developed.

For people who think they know all about Chinese rock, this band is not to be missed. Legends at the beginning, The Face never disappoints their fans.

Chen Jin

A bass legend, Chen Jing has played for some of China’s best known pop and rock stars. He began his career in 1988 (when the best amps in China were in dance halls!), founding the band Baobei Xiongdi. He went on to work with folk pop legend Lao Lang and was bassist for rock pop legend Dou Wei’s Zuo Meng band in 1992 and starred along with Dou Wei in the early rock underground classic Beijing Bastards. He and Dou Wei worked together again in 2000 as part of Yi, Dou Wei’s last band effort. In 2002 he joined Second Hand Roses as bass and stayed with the band through their first crucial album. Chen Jing’s solo career has never strayed far from pop and his exploration of electronic sounds has grown over the years. Topped with his dreamy vocals, Chen Jing creates a dreamscape of sound.

Producer Huang ShaoFeng works with many famous singers like Zhou Xun, Xu JingLei, Lao Lang and Pu Shu.

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