featuring HELLO MONSTER, AMOS, O, C60 and more tba.

This time, we rock with love @ Yugong Yishan. Drums, beats, music, and YOU rocking for the orphans.

It all started out of the love to help a boy! who needs a heart surgery!! Dang Fei Long (Joseph Love) has a heart problem called Pulmonary Atresia Where the heart is deformed and leaves him with a lack of oxygen!

But this is not just about one boy its about raising societies awareness for Orphans and remembering that they are apart of us and not matter how busy our lives become we can take the time out in many different ways to be apart of helping them.

All proceeds will go to his surgery and remaining if any will be donated to Orphanages one in specific Sheppard’s Field and based on what is raised and left after surgery smaller ones around China!!

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  • Tickets: Rmb 100