« If you enjoy the elegance of Parisian women, the charm of cobbled streets, or bubbles of champagne, then you will enjoy the enchanting sounds of the French music.

In Geneva, Montreal, Brussels, Paris or Beijing, French songs can be heard in many ways, like Edith Piaf’s (“La Vie en Rose”), but using today’s lyrics and melodies, you will discover a new expression of love – the French way…

So Come on and listen… »

-Excert from the article “Time with Songs”published in the Chinese edition of Madame Figaro

Chanson française music tour for the 16th season of the “Francophone world Festival”

> Arnaud Fleurent-Didier (fr), Cloé du Trèfle (be), Alex Nevsky (ca), Aliose (ch)

Free entrance (tickets available at the Alliance francaise in CCF, Xihai and BLCU from March 10th).

The Alliances Françaises network in China, the Embassies of Switzerland, Canada and Belgium (Wallonia-Brussells Delegation in China) as well as the Quebec office in China are pleased to present the “MARS EN FOLIE 2011” concert. Discover offbeat, thrilling and impertinent French music, featuring sweet and poetic lyrics and innovative musical explorations with: ALIOSE’s fresh and delicate melodies, ARNAUD FLEURENT-DIDIER’s quirky and funny texts, CLOÉ DU TRÈFLE’s “Underground Road-movie”, ALEX NEVSKY’S warm and inspired rhythms. These boys and girls are coming from all corners of the francophone world and sing their vision of the modern world.

4 bands to discover:

Aliose (Switzerland – intimate songs)

Ever since their first album came out in 2008, Aliose (Alizé Oswald and Xavier Michel), Coup de Cœur 2010 of the French Academy Charles Cros, has been increasingly successfull and became more and more famous in Switzerland and abroad. While putting emphasis on stage performances and direct contact with their public, the band shares its delicate texts with natural authenticity, based on a real melodic sensitivity. Their numerous awards, both from professionals and from an increasingly faithful public (Coup de Cœur Claude Lemesle 2006 award in Paris, Utopia 2006 award in Besançon, 2 Oreilles 2009 award in Saint-Etienne, Audience Award at the Voix de Fête 2010 festival in Geneva, 5 awards at the Médaille d’or de la chanson in Saignelégier), let us foresee a promising future for the young Swiss band. They will keep on seducing their audience with the pure and enchanting voice of the singer, while a new acoustic dimension was recently reached thanks to the cellist Zéphyrin Rey-Bellet, in 2010.

Arnaud Fleurent-Didier (France – electro/pop)

French musician-singer Arnaud Fleurent-Didier has just published his new album La Reproduction (Columbia/SonyBMG, 2010). As warm as a winter evening by the fireplace, this self-portrait covers arrangements that haven’t been heard since Gainsbourg’s time. His impeccable three-piece suit and look of a fashion model straying into the world of French chanson might be seen as pretentious. His UV-induced tan and his little songs could be taken for megalomania. But none of that could be further from the truth. Arnaud Fleurent-Didier has class – natural and sincere. And his album proves it. The songs follow each other like the pages of a secret notebook finally revealed. With subtle irony, he expresses his worries, doubts, questions, dreams, highs and lows, his need for public recognition, his failures, his desires.

He is now accompanied on stage by Dorothée de Koon and Milo McCullen.

This tour was organized with the support of Institut Français, a new trademark for the cultural initiatives of France overseas (

Cloé du Trèfle (Belgium – electro/intimate rock music)

Cloe du Trefle is the solo project of Cloe Defossez, a young composer from Brussels who just released her new album “Hasards de trajectoires”. Cloe learned piano as a child but soon got bored of playing classical music only. She loves to play electric guitar, bass guitar, to torture sounds on her computer, but she is also fond of all kinds of keyboards and has a lot of fun mixing classical and electronic music.

Cloe was a revelation in Belgium, winning a lot of prizes before and after her first album « Sapristi ». «Microclimat», her second album, won the prestigious Prix Coup de Coeur of the French Academy Charles Cros.

Cloe Defossez began music singing in English, with her band Clover’s Cloe, and she also composes music for films and has a lot of fruitful musical collaborations.

Alex Nevsky (Canada – rock/pop)

Alex Nevsky presents “De lune à l’aube” (Audiogram), an album stemming from classic rhythms that have been embraced across generations and cultures. Nevsky’s musical inspiration is to bring poetry into his work. Rock. Pop. Kitsch. Slam. This music captivates and awakens in all of us the urge to hit the dance floor. The singer and songwriter has entrusted production of his first album to Yann Perreau, awards and prizes have already begun to accumulate.

This album shows tremendous musical talent, profound lyrics and heartfelt performances. The musical appeal is intergenerational, with strong melodies, rich arrangements, and joyous vocal harmonies – with a seventies touch.

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