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Shamanistic chant meets modern soundscapes. Wimme Saari is a Sámi joik singer, a traditional chant style that has certain elements in common with Native American music, most importantly a reverence for the earth and the elements.

Wimme combines colorful grittiness of traditional joiking elements with original improvisations, constructing intense, clear melodic arches, and stretches his voice from a sweet falsetto to a grave baritone. He recaptures the essence of ancient joik, and even the clever voice technique of animal joiks.

Wimme’s deeply emotional vocals are the center around which the music floats. Tapani Rinne (clarinets) and Juuso Hannukainen (percussion), two key musicians from the Finnish experimental band RinneRadio, along with Matti Wallenius on acoustic string instruments, give shape and depth to Wimme’s joik, creating an eerie, spiritual and atmospheric effect. Sequencers and synthesizers are gone,  with an acoustic environment that is close to the roots in a contemporary way, touched just right with RinneRadio’s sound guru Tuomas Norvio adding electronic elemen

ts into the mix.

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