The story has begun since three years ago. The Two Big Men, Xiao He and Song Yuzhe were invited to Brussels. They performed a live soundtrack on the brilliant old Chinese silent film « Goddess » with three Belgian-based musicians Eric, Quentin and Yannick together. The concert was a tremendous success in what was an unforgettable evening ! Today in the context of the Doc.Be.Project, an event focused on Belgian documentaries in China, we have the opportunity to put the Live Soundtrack experience back on track again. The belgian musicians would be brought in Beijing, joined by Matthieu Ha with accordian, another talented musician. On Sept.12, they will encounter on the stage of Yugongyishan and re-perform the live soundtrack on « The Goddess » for the pleasure of Chinese ears to discover it!

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  • Tickets: Rmb 60 (door) / Rmb 50 (presale) / Rmb 30 (students)