Bigger Bang: This uptown rock and indie funkdelic band hurricaned all the livehouses in beijing with their futuristic full-filled-with-energy sound. A hybrid of cold blood and hot blood disco rhythm, will have the whole world captivated.

3421 is a music project started by two members of the street art collective Brokenfingaz, playing electronic music without computers – only two keyboards and a drum set. The sound and performance is somehow similar to a DJ set, with music being played consistently throughout the show, whereas the style of the songs/tracks varies from House, Dubstep, Bigbeat, Drum’n’Bass etc. The sets/performances are often accompanied by local MCs and musicians, which become unique features for dedicated songs and give a different color to their part. Up until now we’d played In clubs in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and are planning to tour Germany in September.

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  • Tickets: Rmb 50