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Olivia Ruiz, who has been a singer and musician from her teens, made her name appearing on the French reality TV show “Star Academy.” Although she did not actually win the show, the young songstress has gone on to become one of the nation’s fastest rising stars and is also a popular pioneer of “nouvelle chanson.”

Once she finished her run at “Star Academy” in 2001, Olivia went round knocking at a number of doors, contacting all the singers and musicians she admired. After struggling to get rid of the Star Academy label, Ruiz’s talent finally got acknowledged and she releases her first album “J’aime pas l’amour” in 2003, soon followed by a tour then another album “la femme chocolat” an album of efficiently produced and bitter-sweet ballads, in 2005.

“La femme chocolat” confirmed that 26-year-old Olivia Ruiz had finally found her musical style, an upbeat mix of rock, accordion, violins, tango, clarinets and Latin rhythms. “La femme chocolat” won “Album of the Year” at the annual “Victoires de la Musique” awards.

2007 proved to be the year of official recognition for Olivia Ruiz. The singer carried off two coveted “Victoires de la musique” awards, winning “Best Female Singer of the Year” and “Best Musical Show.”

Olivia’s third album, “Miss Météores”, hit record stores on 13 April 2009. Whirling through a broad range of musical styles including rock, punk, slam, chanson and folk, “Miss Météores” proved hard to pin down into any one musical category. Olivia emphasised the musical diversity of her third album (produced by Mathias Malzieu and Alain Cluzeau) by recruiting a thoroughly mixed bunch of guest stars. These included the Canadian hip-hop artist Buck 65 (who wrote the music for the album’s first single release, “Elle panique”), French band Coming Soon, British indie rockers The Noisettes and the Austrian-Spanish group Lonely Drifter Karen.

Ruiz was just awarded “female artist of the year 2009” at the annual Victoires de la musique. Another victory to start the year of the tiger!

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