“Probably the greatest voice in music today” –

Asaf Avidan & the Mojos have evolved from an anonymous, young, Jerusalem based band – to one of the most prominent promises of Rock & Roll world.

28 year old Asaf Avidan is a Jerusalem born & bred singer-songwriter.

He released his acclaimed debut EP, Now That You’re Leaving,  in 2006.

Since then, Asaf has continued to write and mold his experiences with broken love into personal, yet universally relatable songs.

Touring Israel solo, with just a guitar and harmonica, Asaf gathered a strong

and devoted following across Israel, and in the process gathered also the musicians who would become The Mojos:

(Asaf Avidan – vocals, guitar; Ran Nir – Bass; Roi Peled – lead guitar;

Yoni sheleg – drums; Hadas Kleinman – cello)

In late 2007, with growing interest from the U.S. music industry, a New York tour was organized. Asaf Avidan & the Mojos were invited to perform in NYC’s M.E.A.N.Y Festival, and were picked as one of six notable acts out of around 260 local and international bands.

The band has been consistently touring for almost three years,

playing hundreds of shows in Israel and Europe.

‘The Reckoning Tour’ has sold out every show in Israel for 18 months,

and has gathered a feverish following of fans, of which many have been to over a dozen shows, a trend that is now proving true across Germany & Europe,

with box-office ticket sales doubling from show to show.

“a rare performer… a must-see” – Timeout Tel Aviv

“When he opens his mouth, people rub their eyes in disbelief – this magic continues all through the show, enchanting every soul in the audience.”Ma’ariv (leading Israeli newspaper)

“…a genuine, powerful voice, someone who can sing, scream,
whisper and surprise… Simply delicious music.” –
Rolling Stone Mexico

“the birth of a legend” – Ha’aretz (leading Israeli newspaper)

“The Reckoning”, Asaf Avidan & the Mojos’ brilliant debut album,

will be released across Europe starting January 2010 by Sony-Columbia.

The band’s second full album, Poor Boy/Lucky Man, was released in Israel on 09/09/09, and is topping the charts from week one.

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