Section 6 has been organizing events for the past 6 years. We have always tried to create events aimed directly for and by the true local hip hop fans and hav’nt stopped doing so. Well known DJ’s, MC’s, and B-Boys from overseas have all come to take part and perform on the Section 6 stage giving Beijing a real live show. Our parties and events have already left some unforgetable memories in the heads of the local crowd. We are local from north to south, east to west, bringing the four elements of hip hop; Dj, MC, B-Boy and Graffiti. Now in 2010 we have decided to all come together to celebrate our 6th year aniversary, on the 29th of may at 9:00 pm.

Because we have had so much help these past years, this time around we have decided to organize a B-Boy 2 Vs. 2 showdown  and MC battle, winners will recieve many classic prizes. Also that night we will have many live hip hop bands, MC’s, and Dj’s all Collaborating to bring a great show to the center stage. We invite all hip hop heads and others interested to join us on this night and witness some of the best live hip hop around that will blow your minds.


DJs: Dj Jam, Dj Wesley, Dj Dr. J, Dj Liuming, Dj Wordy.

MC’s: Da Wei, Jie Zi, Ji Qi, Lil Ray, In3, Sbazzo with <Bad Blood>, MC Raph, MC Webber, MC Big Dog.

Bands: Beijing Llive Hip hop Experience: various artists.

The Knutz:Jewell (Keyboard), Tim (Bass), Mao Mao a.k.a Lucas (Drums), Tia Ray (Vocals).

B-Boys: 5+5 & forbbiden City Rock

Way to register:

MC – 15011322684

BBOY – 13901026464

Tickets online:

  • Start:
  • Tickets: Rmb 50 / 30 (in advance)