DJ KRUSH (Japan)

Special Guest: DJ Wordy

Gifted producer & DJ, worldly-acclaimed with his superb sense in sound mixing and production. Since his 1st album “KRUSH” in 1994, KRUSH has produced countless releases throughout the globe. His solo albums are constantly ranked in international charts, his 6th album “Zen” had been awarded the Best Electronica Album in 2002 AIFM Awards (US). With his 8th album “jaku,” he topped the RPM chart of CMJ for 3 weeks. In 2006, a self-remix best album “STEPPING STONES” covering the 12 years of his solo career got released, and along with the historical triple-DVD box set “Suimou Tsunenimasu” released in 2007 at Japan/North America and in 2008 at Europe, have made a huge buzz on streets around the world.

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