Hong Kong indie band My Little Airport is songwirter Ah P and vocalist Nicole. Their music is twee, their aesthetic coy with Casio keyboards and lightweight call-and-response ditties about “toddling” in the zoo and forbidden romances. Their live shows are happy, clappy affairs. In spite of all this, they have a wicked streak that is as funny as it is naughty. (Hong Kong Time Out Magazine)  This cute, yet naughty duo record their albums in the comfort and privacy of their own homes and since 2004 have released three albums, “The OK thing to do on Sunday afternoon is toddle in the Zoo”(2004), “Because I was too nervous at that time”(2005), and “We can’t stop smoking in the vicious and blue summer”(2007), pitched by indie labels in Spain, China, Taiwan and Korea. Their song “You Don’t Wanna Be My Girlfriend” has just been covered by veteran Scottish indie-pop band BMX Bandits.

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