the undisputable genius in the world of turntablism…

Since joining UK label Ninja Tune in 1997, Eric San aka Kid Koala has been leading a one-man-and-many-turntables revolution mixing traditional jazz, hip hop, blues, funk and ska with mind-blowing sound collages.

Making what is possibly the best use of coughing, sneezing and chicken sounds in recorded history, this Chinese-Canadian’s knack for comic sampling has become stuff of legend. Looking beyond the mere self-boasting scratching techniques, Eric’s focus on the overall listening experience saw him approach sampling with such unparalleled originality and geeky honesty that in no time he became one of the most blindly adored DJs anywhere.

Back in Beijing for a solo show where anything and everything is permitted, expect this Kid to have y’all style-bending somewhere between the chicken-shack and the hail-stack, up the groove, getting down and back. This is the Thursday party of the year y’all!


presale spots: 愚公移山 Yugong Yishan * NLGX

  • Start:
  • Tickets: Rmb 50/30 (presale)