Saturday 26 May // 20:00

X-LIVE Presents MANJI LINE 2018 China Tour – Beijing

with Selector HOT COZZY from AMATO RECORDZ


Kubozuka Yosuke is a famous Japanese actor and reggae artist, he started his music career in the name of “MANJI LINE” since 2006. In 2018, MANJI LINE will start his first tour in China.


Tickets online:

* Visitors with VIP tickets can enjoy prority of early get-in and access of Meeting and Greet which will be held after the show.

咨询电话 Hotline: 010 – 8590 0842


  • Start: 20:00
  • Tickets: Rmb 680 (VIP | on a first-come-first-serve-basis) / 380 (on a first-come-first-serve-basis)