Saturday 14 Apr // 20:30

The Hormones

Forming in 2011 around the campus of Sichuan Conservatory of Music as the brain child of Snow, THE HORMONES gradually drew in members from the surrounding Universities. Their reputation grew with frequent gigs at places like Chengdu’s Little Bar, an indie mecca for the then burgeoning indie scene. While being all girls on stage, they hated the idea of being reduced to just eye candy. With a sound inspired by the Foals, LCD Soundsystem, and Le Tigre, their tight energetic dance rock and musicianship quickly elevated them above that perception. In 2014, they embarked on their first China Tour. Playing sweatbox venues around the country to ecstatic audiences they soon were pegged one of the most interesting newcomers to the scene. As they slowly moved up the indie ranks, an opportunity came that changed their path for the next few years. Choosing to go on a TV show contest for bands, THE HORMONES received a sudden wave of attention some wanted some unwanted. And now they had to make some choices that hit like a splash of reality for the band.

The show brought them an instant level of fame, along with ire from some of their contemporaries. It came too quickly, and the band perhaps not thinking enough of the consequences afterwards suddenly had to decide if they wanted to go the commercial route that would lead to possible fame but would surely limit their creativity and self-exploration or continue to create things that weren’t acceptable to the pop machine. Their disagreements about the future started to lead to fractures in the once tight group, leading to departure of their former keyboardist.

The remaining members choose to go on the route of exploration, and in June of 2016 THE HORMONES signed with Beijing based management and label FakeMusicMedia/ FakeLoveMusic. Snow left in mid 2017 after taking on a musical direction, replaced by guitarist Wang Jiao. After a good deal of mentoring in the studio with Tim DeWit former producer and drummer of Gang Gang Dance and working for WARP under themoniker Dutch E Germ, and Esben Valloe from Reptile Youth, THE HORMONES later finnished their album with producer Ji Yinan & Pierre Guignard, with additional post production and mix from Tim DeWit in late 2017.

Their debut, 招手“Beckon”will be THE HORMONES first step into their new skin. They didn’t go halfway, shirking off their dance pop roots like a usedcocoon.  Beckon is a much more mature voice of reflection. Their earlier outings were audience driven, their new album now is lead with a sense of exploration, not just of new sounds but a new identity, trying to make sense of the world as they leave the safe confines of school and plunge into the complex nature of society.

The album is fractured, and breaths a renewed, punky energy, a more mature melancholic observation of the grey polluted skies that rolls over Chengdu. You feel the band seeing the world as truth for the first time, the bumpy road ahead, the foggy polluted air, the disappointing truth behind the illusion of new love, the magic of places beyond human understanding, and the onslaught of life lessons yet to be learned. It is an album of youth learning to deal with discontent and finding the will to rage against it. 招手“Beckon“ is the story of four girls finding the energy and voice to challenge the world and themselves.

They will start this journey with a 20 shows tour through China.

<The Hormones> will come out on March on all digital platforms in China via FakeLoveMusic.

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