On Dec. 23rd, the Chinese leading hard rock band Los Crasher will celebrate their first full-length album ‘Game Face’ at Yugong Yishan, Beijing after their historical 45 cities tour across China. Having been away from Beijing stage for more than 4 months, definitely the band will blow a wild whirlwind of rock n’ roll belonging to gold age in this dull and depressed winter. Renowned among media and fans as the top Chinese hard rock band with International and glam spirit, the band will drive the giant pirate ship loaded with the essence of rock and roll throughout the Golden Age to Yugong Yishan, performing more than 2 hours with over 20 new and old songs to draw the prefect end for the national tour 2017. “Sex, wild, dangerous” is their synonym, you are invited to come to experience all the stuff, get yourself together drink till you drop, forget about tomorrow have another shot!


【Introduction to the Album】

After formally signing Vigor records, a classic rock label founded by Vincent Gao who has been the manager of the band since the band started in 2010, Los Crasher recorded the album <Game Face> in May 2017. To restore the classic sound effect, the band challenge themselves to record 13 songs by using the way of synchronous sound track. The album covers many genres, e.g., blues, hard rock, southern rock, funk, heavy metal, punk. From the creation, it can be regarded as a microcosm of the golden age of rock and roll, reflecting the band’s aesthetic and ambition. In addition to the band’s representative songs such as <Trash, Crash, Rock n’ Roll>, <The Lone Ranger>, in this album there are two power ballads, <When I Miss You (nobody knows)> and <Times Have Changed>, the latter is more like a epic anthem of over 7 minutes, with the band’s first attempt to use piano and string music.


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