Mando Diao is an alternative rock band from Borlänge, Sweden.

Genre:Indie rock, garage rock revival


The statistics are an impressive resume of productivity. Since 2002 Mando Diao has released 8 studio albums that have sold more than 1,5 million copies worldwide. The album “Infruset” in 2013 was a cultural phenomenon in Sweden, selling 4x platinum, #1 for 17 weeks and the single “Infruset “was on “Svenkstoppen” for 167 weeks with 86 at #1. In their career they have played more than 1500 concerts in more than 30 countries and have headlined major festivals throughout the world. Their videos have gone viral with tens of millions of views on YouTube. They have released both a B-side and Greatest Hits collections and even an MTV Unplugged album. Many of their contemporary bands have come and gone but MANDO DIAO has continued to reach new heights and re-define popular music.


MANDO DIAO is known for its classic rock and roll sound. For them music is a craftwork as they each play several instruments, are producers and songwriters. They started their career drawing heavy influences from rhythm and blues, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Kinks. As they developed they took in more pop and dance themes, but have always maintained the energetic and attitude of early rock. Their live shows are highly regarded by the audience because they are an explosion of energy and offer a diverse catalogue of hits as well as unexpected musicianship moments.


MANDO DIAO released the 8th studio album “Good Times” in the Spring 2017. The album reflects the reoccurring contrast between Mando Diao’s up-tempo, danceable music with dark and personal themes. Recording for the album started with a session in a cabin on the island of Gotland and continued at BD POP studio in the northern city of Luleå. With the departure of Gustaf Noren the band has a new energy and dynamic in the creative process. With a mix of vintage instruments and modern production techniques the new album flirts with the classic rock and roll sound while landing firmly in 2017.


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