Pappy Fat Records presents- the Romantic East Coast Tour – Beijing



Over the past three years, The fin., Cero, Mitsume, Adevantage Lucy and other bands have successively come to China to bring City Pop, J-Pop, Shibuya-kei of diversified and fantastic Japanese music experience for the Chinese fans. At the end of this year, a lot of Japanese bands come in flocks, and the Tokyo independence brand of Siamese Cats( シャムキャッツ ), led by Pappy Fat, also in its column. The difference is that, domestic independent rookie The Romp, will be with Siamese Cats embark on a journey to achieve the first Sino-Japanese band joint tour in mainland China.

The two bands will be along the east coastline and pass through six cities to send the warmth of “The Scarf in October” and the sunny beaches for people in the early winter.

Siamese Cats シャムキャッツ

“If tomorrow windy, whether you are the West or the East,

follow your feelings to go where you want to go, the place where is warm”

by Siamese Cats《Travel Agency》

The Siamese Cats, which singing the endless youth song, was set up for 14 years. This sweet Tokyo Indie Pop band was composed by lead singer –Xiamu Zhixing, Guitarist– Shinichi Sugawara, who is Xiamu’s playmate in the kindergarten, Drummer – Tengcun Laizheng, who is knowed in the English critical training class, and Tomoyuki Otsuka, who can play bass. Four people of the band have write songs since the high school era, and they tacit cooperation. The band has a high popularity that not loses Yogee New Wave, Mitsume, Never Young Beach. Their talent is also deeply admired by younger counterparts such as D.A.N and other young orchestra. Mainstream singer Kimura Kaela, ASINAN KUNG-FU GENERATION also stretched out the olive branch to Siamese Cats.


In 2014, Siamese Cats released the third mini album “Take Care” caused the topic in the industry, and the popular song in the album “Girl At Bus Stop” with Mitsume’s “Smoke” together known as the independent pop songs of the new generation. In this June, Siamese Cats released his fourth album “Friends Again”, marking their Metamorphosis after leaving the big record company and returning to independence. Siamese cat, which not the past juvenile atmosphere, will melody spectrum written in the landscape, where flowers and grass are delicate and moving, quite like Sarah Records pastoral style. Their new album once released, Praised by the industry. Now, the Japanese tour tickets of new album opened in September are all sold out.


“Just want to waste time to leisure”


The ROMP is a Fuzhou band, which composed by Guitarist and lead singer—Axing, Drummer KK and Bassist– Buckle Meat. Under the opportunity of PK14 tour in 2013, the band formed the entity, prepared for the Fuzhou field. Experienced several setbacks, and finally in 2016 they formed today’s stable lineup of three people, after Axing return to his home of Fuzhou from his working place of Xiamen. The band name has been highlighted its position. Romp, both “completed without difficulty” and “laughing”; Axing, who is good at painting and drawing, found “RO” and the Chinese “尺口” are similar, then named the band as “尺口MP”. And also like “尺口” in classical Chinese “baby” meaning. In the summer of 2016 members of the stability, the band successfully made the five new singles, since this year it cooperated with Guangzhou Qiqi audio and video, Included and issued an EP called “love”. Inspired by the Axing’s nanny acupuncture words of “love” tattoo, the “love” on the Album cover is crooked. 5 songs are revealing negative energy of no love, for example, young people is lazy and runaway in “Milajiang”, “Carbonated Girl” rush and helpless in the red light district of Fuzhou, the busy city atmosphere of “Jia Lian” building, after “graduation reception”, everyone went their separate ways, and in the “Lights” do not think about yesterday’s solitude

The first Sino-Japanese friendship tour in mainland China

Speaking of Sino-Japanese friendship had to mention Siamese Cats and Sunset Rollercoaster. The two bands were acquainted each other because of joint tour in Taiwan, and they were used to supporting each other. When Sunset Rollercoaster toured in Tokyo, the two bands did not joint show. But when Sunset Rollercoaster was singing Siamese Cats “Travel Agency”, Lead singer Xiamu Zhixing fell from the sky, to achieve a friendship on the same stage. As Siamese Cats’s new album “Friends Again” Asian tour of the Chinese station, the tour band chose the Fuzhou band, which caused the topic in the recent. The ROMP, participated in the Japanese band Tempalay tour in March, own love Japanese music, so it is not surprising that the two bands are together.

Siamese Cats will be fresh flowers and lively music into the City Pop, and the Romp, to lofi and Fuzhou folk way, will City Pop localized to the southern coast of Fujian characteristics. In the creation, Siamese Cats’s elaborate carvings and the Romp’s non-deliberately as the biggest difference between the two bands. The two bands are sketched out the city landscape, singing love, freedom and beauty. Siamese Cats often write the subtle side of the city into the music, which become the landscape in a love story, Such as the rush of wage earners, purple flowers, stray cats, etc. The Romp is writing the rush and helpless in the city life, to express the frankness of enjoy. Love to drink, love music, seems to be the biggest commonality of the two bands.

Illustration set of East Coast tour

Illustrator Shuang Shuang of Pappy Fat Records will be the romantic “East Coast tour” as the theme to draw a lovely illustrator set, which tells a warm story of a wagon (symbol Romp) and a Siamese cat (symbol Siamese Cats) encountered in the tour city. The illustrations will also be on display in each tour city. At the same time, Pappy Fat will be collected the painting submission with car or cat elements, and made into zine to on display with the tour illustrations.


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