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Suld gave their new album name as “Memory”. What should be kept in the memory or what should be copied in the memory ? Different people have different views.

As the album cover designs, the running horses have no eyes, on the contrary, they know where they should go ,and where is their direction.All are in their hearts.Actually it’s a metaphor about grassland, to reflect the decline of nomadic culture and the defect of environment. With extended meaning, it describes bits of memory about nomadic culture.

In the memory of childhood, God creates blue sky, vivifying grassland , lofty mountains, wind and rain. Everything is the gift given by Tengri.

As we grow up, the changes of material life influence the relationship between nature and human beings . We need to take seriously consideration about what we earn and what we loss from nature. Whether the Earn-Loss keep balance ?

We were born to have endless vitalities by nature. What we try is like a drop in the bucket. What we do to return nature back? How much we owe this world? How we pay back ? These questions should be considered earnestly from our hearts.

One aspect relates with natural degradation is climate. The deplorable changes are made by humanistic environment. We must say “No” to the lack of language environment, the changes of cultural communication,and the loss of our traditional essence.

We try our best to present, with our music ,the preserved and nice scene which can not be abandoned .

Our music can both describe those obvious changes, and arouse people’s precious conscience . This album tells us a story of nomadic culture throughout times deeply rooted in grassland. This kind of nomadic culture decorates nature more beautiful , spreads ten thousand horses going stream ahead, and endows our grassland with boundless and endless.

Let’s enjoy “memory ”, love will last forever.


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