BIRDSTRIKING HOLEY BRAIN China Tour 2017 – Beijing




Undoubtedly, Birdstriking represent the new generation who have faith in the future. They are young, loud and their sound is full of creativity and inspiration. In the last five years, they’ve had heroic dreams —becoming Magpie, catching Monkey Snake and shouting at dumb people Hate me? You old! Now the dream has ended. Wake up and open your Holey Brain. Let some hot blood rush into your young body and get ready for a trip deep into space, then strike the golden moment. They are ready. Are you?



White+ describe themselves as a “hardware electronic band” with Shouwang in charge of vocals and customized keyboards, pedals and loops, while Wang Xu plays drums and a sampler that generates the pulsing and rolling background beats. Their music flaunts some brilliant sparks as it reflects the duo’s minimalist taste, creating delicate structures surrounded by a field of noise. One of their fans described their live shows as “a detailed and accurate cell division”.



JaJaTao – The Chinese art rock band.


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