【Bad News Presents】Kenichiro Nishihara & Mabanua & Tamala

Fuseland – Special – China Tour 2017 | Beijing

Line up:

Kenichiro Nishihara with Daisuke(Sax) from JABBERLOOP

mabanua (minimal set)



Kenichiro Nishihara

Composer / Arranger / Producer

Representative, Music Level Production “UNPRIVATE ACOUSTICS” (UNPRIVATE Corp.)


Since 1996, he has arranged, composed and produced music in a wide range of genres, centering on fashion.
In 2008, he released his first album, “Humming Jazz,” and in 2010 his second, “LIFE.”
He has collaborated with the Folklove series and corporate brands, as well as shown his capabilities
in a wide range of productions and projects, including producing compilations of musical pieces and artists.


Based on dance music, his smooth, jazzy sounds of comfort and sense of melody
featuring the piano have been a strong influence not only in Japan,
but all around the world, with many of his works succeeding on the hit charts.
With the start of his new project, “ESNO,” in 2012,
he is in pursuit of the potentials in new music that cannot be defined by genre.
His first ESNO album, “Visionary,” was released in September 2012.


Multi-talented artist, mabanua, has different musical faces such as drummer, beat-maker, and singer. He samples the sounds that he plays. Most of his music is hip-hop flavored; however, he is open to various kinds of music. He made a video showing the creation of a song. It caught the attention of people on Youtube, and the British music website, NME featured the video on their webpage. AKIL THE MC of Jurassic 5, Eshe of Arrested Development, and Kev Brown shared understanding of mabanua’s musical style. They have collaborated on mabanua’s 1st album “done already.”

His talent as an entertainer also attracts the audience to his stage performance. He plays the drums and sings at the same time without stopping just like a DJ spinning.
mabanua is also a member of a jazz hip-hip band, Ovall. The band consists of Shingo Suzuki (bass/keys), Shingo Sekiguchi (guitar) and mabanua (drums/vocal). Their music is a unique mixture of sampling and live sound.
In addition, he has been expanding his solo career as a producer, remixer, and tour drummer, working with artists such as Eshe of Arrested Development, Akiko Yano, Chara, Ohashi Trio, Quruli, Gotch (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION), Yuko Ando, BENI, TWIGY, Miho Fukuhara, Tabito Nanao, Makoto Kawamoto, Shota Shimizu, AISHA, and more.
In 2011, he launched two collaboration projects, “Green Butter” with a beatmaker, Budamunk, and “U-zhaan x mabanua” with a table player, U-zhaan, and collaborated with U-zhaan and Hirokazu Yamazaki (toe) to create music for UNIQLO’s commercials with Yugo Nakamura as the director. He was also a part of Tower Record’s campaign, “No music, No Life?” as the campaign label.
In 2012, he appeared as mabanua at ITADAKI and as U-zhaan and mabanua at Fuji Rock Festival and KAIKOO. He was also a performer at “100% U-zhaan” along with Akiko Yano, Keigo Oyamada, and MIYAVI. He has also composed a great number of music for various medias including tv commercials for Google, United Arrows, Kanebo Cosmetics, AEON, Kewpie, and A cartoon show, “Kids On The Slope” (FUJI TV), “Space Dandy”, and more.

His 2nd album, “only the facts,” has been largely acclaimed in and out of the country.mabanua is no doubt one of the finest and busiest drummer and creator in the Japanese music scene.


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