ST.OL.EN 2017 EP: “ST.OL.EN” National Tour – Beijing

ST.OL.EN. ,a Chengdu-based band which started in 2008 and since then they played all over China. The band is an electric planet, 6 people are living on it, all connected through frozen rock music, electronic images and vibrations the ST.OL.EN. planet’s position in the universe is unknown and very far fom the other planets. The nearest ones are named NIN, massive attack, kraftwerk, joy division…

They can land anywhere there’s possibility to meet people who like electricity.

Mark Reeder is the producer of this EP.

“On a recent trip to China, I had the opportunity to work with Stolen.I had no idea what a fantastic adventure this would turn out to be.The musical creativity of these five working class lads from Chengdu almost overwhelmed me. I had such a great time! After watching them perform live, it was obvious that this is a band like no other in China. For the first time, Stolen have become the spearhead of a new sinographic movement of young Chinese musicians, who have formed their own music scene in Chengdu.Themystical, but optimistic sounds of Stolen promise to light the way for others to follow.”

– Mark Reeder (Music Producer)”


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