Saturday 09 Sep // 21:00


Songs of fantasy in the city, studies abroad, travels to new lands, emotions and love, and all the dreams that go along with being born in the 1990’s, this is Penicillin, and through their unadulterated music and heart of gold the band is set to embrace the world with you.

In April of this year Penicillin officially released their debut album “Embrace the World.” The band put their heart and soul into recording 12 tracks that attempt to express their romantic view of the world. With the racing hormones of a young spirit and an eclectic enthusiasm for the golden age of rock n’ roll, the band fearlessly seek to conquer what their hearts desire in this world. Their charm and sincerity are a breath of fresh air in China’s current rock n’ roll scene, and the debut album Penicillin created has received consistently high praise from fans, the media, and fellow musicians alike.

With a curiosity and respect for each city and anticipation for a journey into new unexplored lands, over the subsequent spring and summer months Penicillin embarked on their 2017 national tour of China. Over these two months the band left their mark on the 16 cities they visited while making countless new friendships and memories along the way. Despite their status as a young band, Penicillin’s reputation remarkably preceded their arrival and in each city they were greeted with enthusiasm and passion from local fans that even they weren’t expecting. Before the tour started, the four young men in Penicillin understandably felt a bit apprehensive and nervous for the prospects of the tour due to the continued sluggish nature of the current rock n’ roll scene in China. These doubts were quickly replaced by surprise and excitement stemming from spectacular ticket sales and special moments in each city! The tour not only allowed the band to create new fans across China, but also reaffirmed their own confidence and faith in rock n’ roll!

After finishing out July with three weeks of music festival appearances, Penicillin has gone into waiting as they prepare for their most important show of 2017 —– “Embrace the World” Beijing album release show! September 9, Yugong Yishan. On this night in Beijing’s premier live house Penicillin will deliver a resounding shot of youthful medicine as a triumphant call to awaken the young generation of today!

Being young is wonderful, but we all know the truth behind squandered opportunities and dreams. Perhaps a night with Penicillin is what you need to open up your world in the perfect way.

Are you and your most inner-being prepared to “embrace the world” with Penicillin?

September 9, 2017, 9:00pm, on this evening at Yugong Yishan we shall all bear witness to the night of Penicillin!

Tickets online:

  • Start: 21:00
  • Tickets: 120RMB (door) / 100RMB (presale | limited // students | with student's ID) / 180RMB (Couple) / 60RMB (Fresh Man of University | with student's ID)