Friday 01 Sep // 21:30

The Landscape The Tropics Never Had Tour • Beijing



A fluid, mysterious and enchanting crystallization of Chui Wan’s heavy-psychedelic mind flights; a steadfast exploration of sound and structure at the outer edges of beauty and psych-rock geist.


Chui Wan 2017 by Sim Chi Yin VII Photo Agency


Chui Wan is a four-piece experimental psychedelic rock band from Beijing, China. They get their name from Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi’s “Qi Wu Lun” (齐物论), a mystical work on the relationship between nature and human life. The spirit of Zhuangzi’s thought is reflected in the modern Chinese idiom: “谓风吹万窍,发出各种音响。” – “When the wind blows, every sound may be heard therein.” Inspired by this concept of seeking the infinite from the mundane, the core of Chui Wan’s sound is formed by the improvisational compositions of multi-instrumentalist Yan Yulong and guitarist Liu Xinyu. Their lush arrangements of guitar, keyboard, viola, other assorted instruments and random sound samples often eschew reliable melodies and vocal harmonies in favor of occasional passages of minimal drone or maximal sonic layerings. Bassist Wu Qiong and drummer Li Zichao provide a stable ground floor from which the band can continually float away, like a sound half-heard and soon gone on a gust of wind.


TOW is a two-person collaboration between Yang Fan (Ourself Beside Me) and Liu Ge (The Molds), created in 2016. Like alchemists, they extract something you can’t put into words through a variety of instruments. A psychedelic atmosphere permeates their music.

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  • Start: 21:30
  • Tickets: Rmb 100 (door) / 80 (presale | on a first-come-first-serve-basis)