The summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere: “The sundial is at its cloudiest, the night leaks ever longer.”

On the summer solstice, the hot season officially beings. “The first season splits like antlers; in the second season, cicadas start to sing; in the third season, the first half of summer is born.”

Summer’s stars also gradually begin to appear on the dome of the sky: across both sides of the Milky Way, the configuration of the Lyra, Aquila and Cygnus constellations connect to form the “Summer Triangle”, a clear sign of the season. Of course, this stellar event is hard to see in Beijing…

Well then — after the festivities of the Dragon Boat Festival have wrapped up, we’ll hold the second installment of Maybe Mars’s 10th anniversary show series on June 23 (two days after the summer solstice) at Yugong Yishan, when we’ll host a duo of wonderful performances from label leaders Carsick Cars and Chui Wan.

Between the two of them, one is praised as “China’s best noise rock band”, has toured in Europe with Sonic Youth and Lydia Lunch, and has ascended the main stages of such top-tier international music festivals as All Tomorrow’s Parties and Primavera Sound; the other has been called “representative of the China underground music scene’s strange and novel side” for the way they roll up a wide range of influences in their neo-psychedelic sound, generating positives reviews from the Village Voice, NME and other foreign media and giving a stunning, breakthrough performance as a headliner of the Austin Psych Fest.

It’s worth mentioning that last October, both bands completed a brief US tour with Alpine Decline. Their Beijing performances have been relatively few over the last few years, however, even more rare than performances they’ve given in Taiwan. That is to say, lately, they’ve been easy to miss in their hometown. From this point of view, this show should be considered a rare and special treat, shouldn’t it?

Actually, what we’re trying to say is that as we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary, we at Maybe Mars will do our best to put together a series of brilliant, sometimes surprising lineups for your viewing pleasure. We’ll make every show a “special presentation”, to thank our old friends who have supported us over the years, and to invite new friends to join the party. So please continue to follow Maybe Mars and keep track of what our bands are up to. Thank you all!

The important thing for now is to say once again: June 23, Yugong Yishan, see you there!


Formed in 2005, almost from the very beginning Carsick Cars has been at the center of the musical explosion in Beijing and has received a mixture of snarling opprobrium, especially from some of their elders, and near-fanatic enthusiasm from their rapidly growing fan base among culturally sophisticated but alienated young Chinese around the country.

Being one of the most admired and written-about bands in China, they have also received a huge amount of attention from musicians and critics in Europe, North America and Australia, having played in numerous festivals, most notably All Tomorrow’s Parties in the UK and the Primavera Sound in Barcelona, and toured with Sonic Youth in Europe.


Chui Wan (吹万) is a four-piece experimental psychedelic rock band from Beijing, China. They get their name from Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi’s Qi Wu Lun (齐物论), a mystical work on inner sageliness and outer kingliness. Zhuangzi writes: “谓风吹万窍,发出各种音响” – “When the wind blows, every sound may be heard therein.”

Inspired by this concept of seeking the infinite from the mundane, the core of Chui Wan’s sound is formed by the improvisational compositions of multi-instrumentalist Yan Yulong and guitarist Liu Xinyu. Their lush arrangements for guitar, keyboard, viola, other assorted instruments, and random sound samples often eschew reliable melodies and vocal harmonies in favor of occasional passages of minimal drone or maximal sonic layerings. Bassist Wu Qiong and drummer Li Zichao provide a stable ground floor from which the band can continually float away, like a sound half-heard and soon gone on a gust of wind.


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