HEAVY presents:
SYMBIZ [Berlin]

SYMBIZ are infamous for their live show, from Venezuela to Zimbabwe, India to Palestine. They worked with such diverse artists like DJ Vadim, British Soundkiller Serocee (Mixpak) or Denyo of German HipHop Legends Beginner from Hamburg City. Bento thinks they are the No1 alternative to Major Lazer. After their album “Airport Accent” the globally connected rave-commando-unit is returning with a special project: Bass- Music with Cantonese Lyrics.

In the history and art of SYMBIZ a post-national utopia is manifested: Different cultures that not only co-exist naturally, but create an ever morphing new. Their roots are in Korea, China, Vietnam, Germany, their influences from Kingston, London, Accra and outer space. The result is unique and universally accessible at the same time. “Broken Chinese” is a perfect example for this approach. The lyrics are Contonese, the party at which this music is playing is happening everywhere on Planet Rock.

The EP framed by two breakneck high-speed monsters: Beats and fragments of words fly through “Faai Di” and “Zi Daan” like particles through a centrifuge. In between one finds SYMBIZ’ own interpretation of a dystopian Dancehall, trippy Trap and artificial Afrobeats. The way Zhi MC is laying his chants on “Baak Sean Gaa Gan” over producer Buddysym’s riddim is as outstanding as typical: Intoxicating, full of mystery and outrageously catchy at the same time. Imagine Justin Bieber were to play the secular Muezzin of love on a pan-asiatic revolution rave. Unimaginable, right. You have to hear it.

“Finest Bass Kung Fu, from Berlin to the world!” 

 Tickets online: https://yoopay.cn/event/ygys20170310

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  • Tickets: Rmb 150 (door) / 100 (presale | on a first-come-first-serve-basis)