Who are we?

Pretty faces internet band? Pop-Rock band? Duo of stand-up comedians? Variety show folk singers?

These are nothing but jokes, but we are master degree classmates and started singing and playing guitars together since we were in school. After a few detours we got back together to our dream of making music – if not for it we probably be working restlessly in front of the computer making drawings and models, or staring hopelessly into the stars at night wondering about indefinite future…

But because of our love for the music, incredible courage, unlimited imaginations, and ridiculously strong determination, we are realizing our dreams, one by one.


What are we to do?

Without a record contract, without a whole management team, we DIY everything with a can-do attitude – from lyrics, compositions, recording, mixing, distribution, design, to marketing and promotion…. We as independent musicians are to do something ambitious and meaningful!

This Winter we are to look for 10,000 enthusiasts, 10,000 of you who are just as hopeful and dedicated to life as we are, we are to sing to you all and to share our joy and energy, to whom love life we bring to you emotions and warmth!



Our stories are similar but different, we are happy to share with you our memories and youth. We experienced a lot together and together we anticipate more!

We are ANZI and JIUMEI, we want to sing to and for you.


tickets online:

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  • Tickets: Rmb 90 (door) / 80 (presale | on a first-come-first-serve-basis)