In the society where everyone is profit-oriented, a decade’s time allows one to join the party of the veterans, to be laid back and to count on one’s success that comes with experience. After becoming famous overnight in 2006, CHANGHI has been keeping his perserverance and is dedicated to no other than his musical exploration. After ten years’ time, waken up from illusions and auras, he brings his musics to a dozen cities and invites you to join his world of music.



Singer, guitarist, drummer, composer, producer

Born into a family of music, he started playing drum and Chinese sitar since he was 6. CHANGHI has been awarded numerously, and has released two albums. He is the only representative of American guitar brand OVATION in mainland China, and has worked with many singers before to various extents.



Guitar: Guan Wei from MUMA&Verse. He worked previously with directors such as Xu Jinglei, Xu Haofeng, Zheng Xiaolong, Zhao Li and Wen Zhang.

Bass, Wang Lei. He has been active in the Rock n’ Roll world since the 90s.

Drum: Dojo Shaolin. As a drummer and a producer, he has worked for 7 years in music production with stars like Yin Cang, Purple Soul, Jeffrey.

Keyboard: Liu Kaibo, established musican who worked previously with many popular stars.


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