The instrumental sound of KOVLO moves between quiet, intimate and mysterious soundscapes, blending it with hypnotic, furious and violent noise explosions in the best tradition of bands such as Mogwai, GSYBE!, Shellac, Isis, Explosion in the Sky, Sigur Ros.


With the release of their first three records, “A new position for the second degree burnt” (2005), “I’m so happy on this boat” (2008) and “Hey Mom, where’s Timbuktu?” (2011), KOVLO has become one of the most interesting and important Swiss post-rock and instrumental rock bands achieving thus international audience and positive critics.


As it happens with most post-rock bands, the live experience is essential to discover and enjoy the music of KOVLO. During their live perfomances, the band is able to express at their best the tension and power of their music with its psychedelic and hypnotic sounds. During their European tours they played in various countries, including Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic to name a few.


In 2012 the band composed the original soundtrack for Swiss movie “Tutti Giù – Everybody sometimes falls”, wich was selected at different film festivals (Locarno, Montreal, Kaunas, Mons and Hof). The original soundtrack was then released as their latest album so far in February 2013.


After a line-up change in 2014, with the introduction of their latest drummer and keyboards, the band decided to embrace a new project. They are currently working on fresh sounds and compositions that will follow up soon.


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