Tonstartssbandht are Andy White and Edwin M. White, two Floridian brothers. While living in Canada in 2009 they began to attract attention in the Montreal loft scene with a series of self-released cassettes and legendary live shows. Their music explores a deep love for boogie, ’60s psychedelic-rock, and choral pop. The sound of the guitar/drum duo grows in a live setting with relentless percussion, heavy riffing and angelic vocal harmonies. They navigate their souls and psyches onstage, embracing the sense of urgency, pain, and ecstasy in the human experience: humor is love, and this is basically their life. This vibe has brought them repeatedly on tours throughout Russia, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and Australia. Their solo projects Andy Boay and Eola separately follow this vocal psych-pop adventure into deeper and more abstract terrains.


GongGongGong is a rhythm-oriented guitar and bass boogie unit. The group was formed in Beijing in 2015 by Tom Ng of famed Hong Kong band The Offset: Spectacles and Joshua Frank of wild post-punk brother duo Hot & Cold. Both have been active in Beijing’s underground music scene for a decade.

GongGongGong reshapes and deconstructs blues, rock n’ roll, and folk storytelling, using repetition and percussive playing techniques to draw out “phantom rhythms” between instruments. Guitar strumming becomes a snare-and-cymbal pulse, and bass melodies are punctuated with muted low-end roar. Meticulously structured but also untethered and raw, Gong Gong Gong’s sound draws inspiration from Bo Diddley, Minimalism, and psychedelic transnational blues from West Africa to Southeast Asia.

Tom and Joshua are founding members of Rose Mansion Analog, China’s first all-analog record label. They have collaborated with Silver Apples, Dirty Beaches, Tonstartssbandht, Forests and have released music on their own label as well as Night People, Genjing Records, Moniker Records and Maybe Mars.


Chui Wan are well established as one of the most ambitious and unusual bands in China, with a style ranging from cerebral drone to warped Middle Eastern wedding music. Gearing up for recording their third album, this will also be Chui Wan’s final Beijing show before heading on tour in Europe this fall.


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