Thursday 29 Sep // 21:00

The wonderfully unconventional Canadian Fiddler “Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite Of Everything”

jaron freeman fox




Contorting the violin into new traditions, violinist/composer Jaron Freeman-Fox dances down the fine line between the beautiful and the ridiculous, while redefining what the violin can do.  Having produced or played on over 40 albums (Teresa Doyle, Jayme Stone, Autorickshaw) and toured the world many times over as a solo artist, bandleader or collaborator with bands such as Delhi 2 Dublin, Ben Caplan, and Sam Lee, Freeman-Fox fuses his roots of fiddling with his study of Indian classical music and jazz, while playing the 5-string violins of his late mentor; fiddle pioneer Oliver Schroer.


In 2013, after 3 years of touring, writing, recording and spelunking with his fiery band Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything, the group’s new album has was released into the wild and greeted by enthusiastic reviews, radio play around the world, and 3 Canadian Folk Music Awards!


Folks may be intrigued by the fact that JFF has performed for 100,000 people and the young royal couple on Parlimant hill, or that the Canadian Embassy was kind enough (or foolish enough) to send him off to collaborate with a troupe of nomadic Rajasthani gypsies at the Delhi International Arts Festival, or that

his debut album “Manic Almanac : Slow Möbius” won an Independent Music Award, or that he’s shared the stage with Delhi2Dublin, Tanya Tagaq, and James Kudelka. Jaron however, is most proud of the fact that he’s broken three different fiddles on stage and zero bones, had his violin stolen by monkeys in Bali and got it back without contracting rabies, and has the honour of featuring his absolute favourite musicians in the world, in his band The Opposite of Everything.


Described as “Tom Waits playing the fiddle, backed up by the Mahavishnu Orchestra”, The Opposite of Everything transform Freeman-Fox’s intricate compositions into an infectious party!


The line-up consists of New Orleans-style clarinetist John Williams, electro-pop klezmer accordionist Anh Tram Phung, jazz bassist Alan Mackie, and drummer Steven Foster.  The band has had a busy 3 years scurrying across the globe from Thessaloniki to Stockholm, which you can read all about on the band page!



TULEGUR is a modern nomad music duo, rooted in traditional tunes of Inner Mongolia (Mongolian part of China) and influenced by contemporary music. Their sound is a great mixture of traditional Mongolian music, acoustic rock, throat-singing (also known as “Khoomei”) and electronic music. This combination results in a unique style which some described as “ethnic post-rock” or “psychedelic nomadic rock”. Within two years they went on several extended tours in China, India, Europe and also Australia/New Zealand where

they gained overwhelming reactions by the audience. Especially in Australia and New Zealand, all CDs went sold out immediately and for the first time they appeared on iTunes Top 200 World Music Charts with peak at #8 in Australia and #1 for 3 days in New Zealand! This makes us more curious about the full length debut album to be release later this year.


Vocalist and acoustic guitar player Gangzi is the soul of Tulegur, educated in classical music and opera, and his voice is trained for a broad range of throat singing. Attracted by modern music, Gangzi moved from Inner Mongolia to Beijing to perform and compose. A year later, he returned to his hometown, Hulun Buir, where he spent time with local nomads to learn Khoomei and their cultural traditions. This nomadic experience became a revelation in his life and helped him to find his own music style. After years of solo performances, Gangzi has achieved remarkable success all around China and worldwide.


Towards the end of 2014, percussionist / electric guitarist Wang (alias Zongcan) joint Tulegur’s new bigger picture to help extend the music to a wider range in expression. As a multiple instrumentalist and sophisticated artist, Wang has traveled to many places within and beyond China and gained has his special ways to embrace different cultures to be fused into with his world of music.


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