自从在 Do Hits 发行单曲 “夏利” 后,Bloodz Boi 作为说唱歌手的这一身份便开始引起了人们的关注。受到低音音乐和互联网文化的影响,他将他戏谑和极具时代精神的歌词融入英式低音以及先锋的节奏中,这也使他和他的说唱音乐独一无二。通过和 Harikiri, Howie Lee, Damacha, 2nervous2be 等音乐人的合作以及互联网的影响力他将与众不同的来自中国的声音传播到了整个世界,在短短一年间,Bloodz Boi 在 Soundcloud 上收获到了大量的支持者,包括 Djemba Djemba, 813, Two Fresh, JiKay, Mike Gao, Thomas White, Gameface 等等,更让他的声音多次出现在了英国著名海盗电台 Rinse FM 以及 澳大利亚电台 FBi Radio 上。

时而愤怒时而抑郁的极端个人风格让他的舞台表现极具感染力,在全国范围内的巡演以及与UZ, OG MACO等的同台演绎更是将他和他的音乐带到了另一个高度。

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Young Peach (嫩桃弟弟) is one of the hottest trap/drill rappers in China. Started his rap career since 12, Young Peach was a well-known teenage rapper who released 2 albums and signed by major record label at age 14. Young Peach’s single “duang” was on the TOP 100 billboard of Mainland China; Single “Bao Qing Tian” is also the hottest banger right now in the indie trap game. Collaborated with DGainz (director of “Love Sosa” by Chief Keef), Soulja Boy, and numerous other Chinese top rappers; putted out numerous mixtapes and albums; Young Peach is one of the most popular rapper in China, a pioneer of Chinese Trap/Drill music also the founder of RMBG Records.


狠毒男孩 [LIVE]

狠毒男孩 has successfully made an Auto-Tune craze in the Trap music genre, and because of that,he perfeactly combines comedy and Chinese culture together. Although hendunanhai’s raps for less than 2 years,the first song he recorded was with a headphone mic, but his musical creations has already reached a certain status.His music has millions of clicks and views on the internet. Even with his EP“LANZHOU RAMEN”he got 10 million views.

His fan is spreaded in every corner of China. His“狠毒”is irreplacable. Nobody thought or expected that 狠毒男孩 can actually represent and lead the road for the progress of Hip-Hop music in China, because in every place of the world,狠毒男孩 will be a unique existence, at least he showed and proved that in the intense history of Chinese Hip-Hop’s tribute’s and copycats, we finally have someone who plays their cards different.



PUZZY STACK,自幼学习京剧的他凭借着对音乐极强的理解力于2013年在北京开始他的DJ之旅,并与好友Bloodzboi创办每周一次的低音派对,仅一年间,他就已经在 Dada Bar,Lantern Club 等多家主流,地下俱乐部演出并受到多名知名DJ的肯定,风格跨度极大的他不仅擅长 Techno 的混音,如今更是在bass音乐方面造诣颇丰,无论Grime,Club Trax,还是Footwork 等都运用自如,游刃有余.  这也为他赢得了与 Daedelus,Traxman,Hucci,Stööki Sound,Two Fresh,Aazar,813,Slugabed,Flava D,Visionist,DJ Paypal,Y2K等知名DJ,音乐人同台的机会.



Though based in Beijing, SPYFI thought-provoking bassline and the on-the-spot distinctive sampling together with him appear on parties in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenyang etc. inspirations come from various life scenes. For instance, trains in Tin Shui Wai, reverberation of low frequencies in Dubstep, ballroom dancing around the street corner of Ersha Island, TR-808’s sinking in TRAP, the barbershop down the Nanjing Road, sliced repetitive sounds in footwork, even the whispering on the second floor of DADA Bar can probably be the elements for SPYFI’s creation in music.With counterchanged song picking , surprising visual setups , every DJ Set or Live Set of SPYFI always makes you physically and mentally DANCE!In recent years,he shared a stage with FJAAK,FLAVA.D,DJ Krush,Bloodz Boi,Howie Lee,Shackup. New album <Let Me Low It>is out now .

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