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Hot weather in the July of Beijing makes our sense gradually numb, the monotonous life forces us put all the bad mood in the deep of the heart.


WE REFUSE TO NUMB   We know that you people always keeps a steel heart. The blood in your veins is still burning.


[  All you have to do is to let go of your hair, to hold your fist, and to take all the emotions out to the night

And we will help you find your feeling towards the fucking world by the hardest music  ]




Vocal: Sun ruoxi

Guitar: Li chenglong

Guitar: Chen ye

Bass: Jia ke

Drum: Li jiahao


The band was founded in 2008 and began to be active in Beijing’s major livehouse in 2009. In 2010 the band recorded DEMO “sad tree”, “reborn”, “at the end of the sky”. Are the “Tianjin POGO group was founded two Anniversary Collection” and “popular music”, “I love rock and roll” journal. In 2011 WOA Chinese division best musical award. The September issue of “EP” to the dark days of haze. November ZIPPO hot list rock champion. The United States ZIPPO company produced ZIPPO lighter for the band, dark haze became the first team to appear on the ZIPPO panel China metal band. And 2011 nominated MIDI rock Award for best rock award in the Xinle team. December landing Tianjin concert. Fashion magazine “COOL SO” 12 monthly for the band to conduct an interview. The band became extreme metal bands first surveyed. In May 2012 he was invited to Beijing MIDI Music Festival and the Beijing strawberry music festival. Central broadcasting station in March 2013 to accept the “sleepless” program with high speed. In May the Yangtze River Music Festival and MIDI music festival. The same year will release the band’s first album, “earthly flowers”. October was invited to participate in the Yangtze MIDI music festival. In 2014 5.1 Beijing MIDI music festival, International Music Festival, the Yangtze river. 10.1 in the Yangtze MIDI music festival. November to participate in the first session of the Northeast will music festival. By 2015 the summer release their third album “sunset – month Mu”, which cover from Final Fantasy 6 songs “Final Fantasy” mad video in April launched, temporarily held Sohu, Tencent etc gateway website home page position to great acclaim. During the 5.1 International Music Festival in the city.




Vocal: Lin hai

Guitar: Zhang haitian

Guitar: Luo man

Bass: Liang

Drum: Niu niu


Formed in 2010. After sharpen all kinds of metal elements in their music, the band eventually presented is a sense of weight and beauty coexist in the same electronic metal nuclear morphology. In the fall of 2013 Fengtian band stationed in Beijing at the beginning of, repeatedly the excellence of large music festival at the scene by the majority of fans of metal music from and embraced, popularity quickly jump up, became the representative of the Beijing new breed of metal, and fans dubbed Chinese Linkin Park. Band as a branch of nowadays different styles of metal bands, band itself excellent technology, neat band of typhoon, lead singer of the unique and rich magnetic voice, unique “ceiling roar singing”, and under the complex arrangements conditions always try singing the melody of way at all to let the band produced a heterogeneous characteristics. Lyrics of the band is more life intravenous drip experience, Fengtian choice in the most powerful way of sing true to your heart words; band members through carefully allocated, brings not only the most abundant metal impact force, both electronic age future dynamic law; arranger with particular emphasis on the audio-visual beauty of music creation and very smooth, in each big music festival and livehouse tour, Fengtian band is received support from national loved rock and roll music fans. The name of Mukden, expressed the attitude of the China band blood rock.


3. Unregenerate Blood


Vocal: Li you

Guitar: Chen hao

Guitar: Li chao

Bass: Li yang

Drum: Wu gang


Unregenerate Blood, was founded in 2005 in Beijing hardcore band. One of the Beijing hardcore’s most active molecules, many times as opening guests to participate in many domestic and foreign famous hardcore band China tour in Beijing station opening guests.

Initial members from the Rejects Beijing period of the Beijing punk circle, the first two years of the performance of the basic is with the Beijing punk, Skinhead band together. The second Beijing punk music festival, the four anniversary of the punk zone, SMZB Beijing special can be seen in the blood of the figure. From then on, the band put more new hardcore style to this circle.

In April 2007, Unregenerate Blood and Hongkong hardcore band of brothers the Lich King in Beijing on the same stage performances, in October of the same year and took part in the modern music festival heavy stage performances, from the beginning of the more active in the stage of metal music.

Following the young guitarist Moses and technical comprehensive another guitarist) joined the band after, in 2008, choking drummer Wu Gang, adding even more let Unregenerate Blood have greater strength and power, and to create new works, after a period of adjustment, the following August 22 in hotpot music hardcore special performance return to the stage, but also participated in the October 11 “heavy music” founded the eighth anniversary of the show.


4. The Skin I Live In


Vocal:Guo yijia

Guitar:Lin jiawei

Bass:Zhang handawen

Drum:Wang zihao


The Skin I Live In, new-style female metal core / core, consists of young people from different places, work is a fusion of each members of different preferences.

Band tries to creation represents young people’s songs, learn and absorb foreign excellent band of nutrition, the arrangement and the expressive force is suck tongue, popular circle many people recognized, each show will set off several restless pogo.

We love music, love metal, love the stage, love the life of a young and restless soul, under the skins, the depths of the soul, we will is the source of your power and emotion, where the meaning of this is our band name


5. The Sweet Escape


Singer: SIN

guitar: Liu Zhe

bass:  Sun Tiange

sampling: Gao Weiran

drummer: Ma Wanwan


“Sweet Escape (The Sweet Escape)” be friends nicknamed The “peach”, China’s Electronic core pioneer “, published in 2015, The album “PARTY TIME”, formed The unique style of Electronic rock ‘n’ roll


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