In life, I( Invisible hand Ako of ColdNeo) have been bothered by being irrational this “advantage” for a long time, the result of being too rational is that most of the time you end up not having all the fun, but almost all. A lot of people try to control themselves to be more rational in every moment- under the standard we have in this society, it feels like everybody is living a life with restrictions.


I don’t know about you, a lot of music seems restricted as well. Although the sound is loud, the beats are strong,we have everything, the musicians are trying their best, we are not sweating little, but after the show, we always feel that we were very close, but not all the way.


The shows ColdNeo did before were usually with the bands which were popular at the time, but this time, we changed the way we think to – How to present a show. Liangzi is reading about philosophy lately, one of the books is <Irrational People>. After a battle against the other two of us( Yes we often have spiritual battles),we decided to name our show after the book’s name Irrational People by William Barrett to create an irrational live show.


After deciding the name of the show, we feel that we have a bigger space to play the roles. We invited Pet Conspiracy who almost never play a line-up show with other bands;Le Villejuif Underground who is going on their first China Tour in the end of April with JaJaTao- it will be their warm-up show for it; A half cold-blooded, half hot-blooded band DaBang;JajaTao the representative irrational band under ColdNeo lable;Huzi & Edo who will bring their Island Project they did when they were on holiday in Thailand.
All of them will play on the same show which will be the most irrational thing ever, covering Electronic, Punk Rock, New Wave, Psychedelic, Garage, Future, Alternative Rock, Disco, all that, artistic and experimental one – Only ColdNeo can give you that.


Pet Conspiracy lineup with Huzi, Mary, Edo and yunyun. Halfway between an art project and a punk rock show, Pet Conspiracy have become popular in China and abroad for their powerful and borderline live acts. MTV band of the Month in 2009, best Electro band in China in 2010, Pet Conspiracy have become in less than 2 years one of the hottest and original band in China. Since 2008, Pet Conspiracy paved their way to Europe where they grabbed international audience attention performing in some of the coolest European clubs and made their appearance in Arte TV, BBC and International compilations. 
Musically speaking, Pet Conspiracy takes influence from punk rock, new wave and electro music, while their live acts brings the engery of Peaches and Crystal Castle mixed to the theatrical athmospheres of German surrealistic movies. 
Pet Conspiracy is a project, rather than a band, watching their shows is an experience, rather than simple entertainment.
Le Villejuif Underground is the exciting new collaboration between prolific Australian songwriter Nathan Roche (Marf Loth, Camperdown & Out) and three French musicians from Paris ( Thomas Schlaefflin Levy, Antonio Beltran and Adam Karakos) warped, psychedelic garage with nods to Lou Reed, The Fugs and Kim Fowley. They blast through any genres and pick up whatever they can then deliver it in ferocious style.
Their self-titled debut record will be released by Rice Is Nice (Australia) and SDZ Records (France).


DA BANG is founded in 2008, used to be named The Bigger Bang after Rolling Stone’s album<A Bigger Bang>.DA BANG is the upcoming Beijing Rock band by its hot, burning performance and stylish music. They have the cold blood, mixed with hot blood, “cold”comes from their sober attitude with their powerful music acting; this kind of “cold”can’t counteract their passion and honesty in them. At their live show, you can feel their hot blood and power.

The Alternative rock band which was born in the beginning of the 21st century in the republic.
Their music style is hard to define as underground punk or funeral tunes or garbage rock or
Modal opera even children’s songs. Their songs mostly talk about the victory of male chauvinism in this era and the failure of typical women’s from last era, to express and explode the existence of oneself, and the absurdity and confusion we feel after hundreds and thousands of years socialization and limitless quantification of the system.
Huzi & EDO are members of Pet Conspiracy, these two have decided to make a brand new band since 2014, all their music was made during their vocation in Thailand, its more future, where there’s more space.


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