The most powerful pagan forces in history on attack against the winter reign

FINNTROLL + ARKONA + DREAM SPIRIT, the strongest folk metal alignment rule over the metropoli-dualism of Beijing and Shanghai

The days of this winter seem to be much colder than usual. Under such cirumstances, there is an urge to go somewhere to heat up the body and soul. Those who come from frozen lands know best what to do to fight against coldness. January 19th and 20th, three bands from the northern hemisphere will joint forces and turn the freezing winter nights into burning hellfire in Beijing and Shanghai.



Regardless how you label them, epic, folk or viking metal, it all seem to fit well. Cutting cold winds, the never melting snow, in midth of vastness of the woods, a group of men roaming ahead, they carry the name FINNTROLL on their banner, Finland’s most feared figures of all metal tribes. Combining Humppa rhythmics with Nordic folklore dubbing on extreme metal has been their trade mark. Formed since 1997 with six long players out and dominance on countless festivals and live stages, they made it to be one to the front riding acts of the genre. In contradiction to most folk metal bands relying on sweetened cheesy hooklines, FINNTROLL’s music genome has always been based on extreme metal with hyper fast heart beats pounding through the veins.

For the Chinese metal community, Finntroll is a big name, many still remember their great performance as headliner of Midi Festival in 2010.



Russia is one of the world biggest nations and its greatness gave birth to many great bands, one of them is the female fronted folk/pagan metal band ARKONA from Moscow. The band’s name onces stood for the last standing pagan temple fotress Cape Arkona, besieged and taken by the forces of Danish King Valdemar I and bishop Absolon in 1168 A.D. Front lady Maria always has wolfskin on with blades at hand, the perfect outfit of a medieval Slavic heroin. Likewise, her stage acting and voices won’t be the barbie likes of Nightwish, Epica, no, she crowls in rolling Russian style in such an might that only an Angela Gossow would be able to compare. Their music is like wise epical and gigantic, on the foundations of traditional and extreme metal, they also added a lot folk instruments such as bagpipe and shaman drums. ARKONA is a highly productive band, since their formation in 2002, they already have 11 releases out! Last year, they shared the stage on Midi Festival with infamous Swedish act THERION which left a deep impression on those who saw them.



Formed in Shandong Provice of China, now based in Beijing, DREAM SPIRIT following the foot steps of Tang Dynasty and Spring And Autumn on their path of Han-Chinese cultural inheritage embedded in heavy metal music. As winner of WOA Metal Battle 2015 they went to Germany to play on Wacken Open Air and also on the Ragnarock Open Air where they gained overwelming responses. Back to China, they once again convinced the crowd of their excellent Chinese styled metal on the 330 Metal Festival.


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