Snake & Rabbit Co. Presents

Directed by CHEN MINGHAO


Playwright: Mike Bartlett(ENG)

Directed By Chen Minghao


Zhao Xiaosu / Su Xiaogang / Li Xiaochen / Liu RunXuan / Chen Minghao / Zhang Zhuokai

Live Music: J-Fever / Zhai Jiaji / Han Shuo / Chu Zhiyong

About BULL

One of the three staff in the team must be fired during the economic recession. While waiting for the result, X is bullied by two other colleagues more seriously than usual. Caught in the nightmare of a bullfighting ring, X feels exhausted and cannot find way out. Boss finally shows up. Filled with fury like a bull at bay, here comes the final revenge from X…

Directed by Chen Minghao, Snake & Rabbit Co.’s brand new Chinese production of the Outstanding Achievement Olivier Award-winning play, Bull, by Mike Bartlett sees three desperate colleagues fight for their job, as office politics are played out in an office-come-bullfighting ring.After its debut in Wuzhen Festival,and before everyone’s Spring Festival,the BULL is coming to show you something.

Tickets online:https://yoopay.cn/event/ygys20160127-29


  • Start:
  • Tickets: Rmb 220 (door) / 150 (presale) / 120 (early brid | stops at midnight on December 20th)