Pact’s 2015 All New Album Releasing & Domestic Tour – Beijing

Many years later, as he faced the thousands of audiences under the stage, Pact was to remember that distant winter night when he took over the mic from MC Ambition from Chicago in a crowed pub in Xi’an. At that time he was just a 15-year-old adolescent who had no idea about hip-hop music. Together with two other soul members, MC Killa4nia and CreamD, Pact founded a rap group and independent hip-hop record label-NOUS UNDERGROUND in 2010, which has become one of China’s best hip-hop group till now. After releasing his debut album <IMPACT 0.5-Rise of Babel> in 2012, He continued to explore, engage and electrify the local Chinese hip-hop movement. And his character has transformed from a simple rapper to a real hip-hop music producer. His Mixcape <W.O.T.W.T.> released in 2014 also has gained generally positive reviews. With fundamentals rooted in 90’s Boombap, Sample, New School, Trap, Raggae, Funk Jazz and Electronic music, Pact has been pushing a hybrid sound surrounding genre.

Even though he immersed himself in music, Pact has always devoted himself into everything he does one hundred percent. It does not matter what he is working on. And right now, his crown of the year has come. On October 31st, Pact would announce the release of his third album with the title <IMPACT 1.0-FIGHT 4X>. “I have experienced depression, hate, and love through the process of producing this album.” He said, “I made it out of the hood, and now I want to go to the top.” While his whole new nation-wide concert tour stops in Beijing on Nov. 28th, Pact would sincerely invite everyone of you to be present at YUGONGYISHAN Livehouse to share with you his journey of music career, and the answer to the “X”.

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