Star Stuff at the Other Side of the World
The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes RHAISSA
BITTAR to perform in China

For most Chinese, Brazilian music is limited to bossa nova and samba. After October, however, singer Rhaissa Bittar’s performances in the Asian country promise to change this perception.

The tour is an initiative of Projeto Novas Vozes do Brasil (Project New Voices of Brazil) of The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Itamaraty) and has concerts booked in Beijing and Macau. The musical performance Matéria Estelar (Star Stuff) invites the audience to join a fairytale journey, with songs that capture Brazilian rhythms such as frevo, samba and choro, as well as foreign ones like jazz, foxtrot and tango.

All this musical diversity is led by Rhaissa, who embodies a doll that sings about the vicissitudes and passions of inanimate beings: a pear that gets dumped by a cashew nut (Lamúrias de Uma Pera), or a phonebook that gets an important job at Messias’s second-hand book store (A Lista), for example. Even the pearl earring of the girl depicted in Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s masterpiece (Pérola do Brinco da Moça) comes to life in the apologues of Matéria Estelar.

Behind the scenes of the production are a team of experts: executive production by Manoela Wright (Uirapuru Producer), musical direction by Panela Produtora, and art direction and costume design by designer Jum Nakao. One of the highlights of the musical performance is the scenario – a mixture of technology and handmade stationery that simulate a pop-up book that turns a new page to every song.

In Beijing, Rhaissa will be joined by music producer and guitarist Daniel Galli, pianist and accordionist Lulinha Alencar, bassist Lucas Espósito and drummer Diego Gil.

New Voices
Launched in 2011 by the Itamaraty, Projeto Novas Vozes do Brasil aims to take some of the most significant singers and bands of the new generation of Brazilian popular music to perform abroad, especially in the major global music markets. The support is given to artists who are at the initial stage of their career but have already released a debut album in Brazil that was well received both by the public and critics.

Star Stuff Album
When the album Matéria Estelar was released, it was highly acclaimed by music critics in Brazil. Embrulhador, one of the most respectful Brazilian music websites, listed the album in second place among the 100 best albums of 2014. Last June, Rhaissa was one of the few contestants among 1000 competitors to be nominated to the 26th Brazilian Music Awards, of high prestige in the country. Matéria Estelar competed in the category Best Popular Song.


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