Saturday 21 Nov // 21:00


If the stiff body is a wall

Then we are your born predators.

When sound romantic over his chest

When the glare fired pupil

Low-frequency rhythm

IF tease

High-frequency cyclotron and colorful world integration.

Thinking and Lyric

Silence and cry at the same time seems to erupt.

Do not look around

Lost your just an illusion.

This wall to collapse sooner or later

Rather he gave death

Not as good as he dedicated the song.

Watch comes with

You’ll look at it it?

Thrown into the side of it

Because time does not exist!

The Push, a band at the forefront of Chinese art rock, Consists of three “old boys” with over 15 years of commitment to music creation. They have gone through multiple generations of change, Yet never sacrificed their persistence and passions for music.

This immortal spirit called these well-established musicians together, And formed the band in 2012.

Its music is interwoven with various elements such as Industrial and Ambient, Giving birth to the unique rock style tagged “The Push”.

The sound quality of their album is unrivaled in China, And the audio, visual and lighting properties of their live performances are elaborately designed, Conveying an electrifying and magnificent effect.

Their debut performance to release the concept album “Dazecovery” in July 2014 is regarded as the “best live rock of the year” by insiders.

Introduction of “Dazecovery” by The Push

“Dazecovery” is a concept album by The Push to pay tribute to Pink Floyd, the internationally acclaimed English band of psychedelic rock. Having taken two years of completion, the album is interwoven with various musical elements such as Industrial and Ambient, giving birth to the unique rock style tagged “The Push”. With the post-production conducted in the US, its sound quality is unrivaled in China.

The album is entitled “Dazecovery”, because the band members expect to share their deep thoughts about life, and discuss with audiences on “self-discovery through dazing”: This blundering world has been constantly unsettling our nerves, gradually pushing us to give up the deed of “dazing”.

In the music of The Push, there lives pain that lingers on your skin, and true stories arising from the real life. It contains no negative mindset of the escapists, nor the “high” songs in combative mood, but a sort of sincerity and depth that enables you to discover yourselves. It is exactly the sincerity that makes people embrace their true essence and thus restructure their views on life.

Reside with yourself, observe your inner world, and restore your true nature. Living in this obsessively beatified world, those who see the truth can’t be blind.

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