SUFFOCATION – The Godfathers of US Brutal Death Metal!

The monarch of the Brutal Death Metal Empire gonna take you to the Pinnacle of Bedlam!!!

Long Island, NY’s Technical/Brutal Death Metal carnivore,SUFFOCATION has been widely regarded as the founder of this extreme metal empire. For more than 20 years SUFFOCATION had been creating music that has become the very standard by which we measure all things within this genre. Their fusion of technicality, groove and sheer unrelenting brutality has been imitated but never quite duplicated.

Delivering a truly devastating display of technical death metal bordering on grindcore, Suffocation really broke through to the underground metal masses with their first full-length assault, Effigy of the Forgotten, in 1991.

For death metal connoisseur, SUFFOCATION surpasses themselves on “Pierced From Within”.Fast, intricately technical, immaculately heavy and well produced, “Pierced From Within” is just an extreme metal landmark that can’t be ignored.

After a almost ten-year hiatus, these veterans strike back with a impressive album “Souls to Deny” in 2004.They prove their incredible brutal death metal power once again with self-titled record “Suffocation” 2 years later. With “Blood Oath” (2009) and “Pinnacle of Bedlam” (2013) adding to their catalog, SUFFOCATION has truly completed their Enthronization in Death Metal Empire.

Now for the first time, this legendary Death Metal monarch will perform here in Beijing, prepare for the pilgrimage!!!


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