Death Metal God of War claims their tremendous victory with 《At War with Reality》
Swedish DM legion AT THE GATES gonna attack Beijing this winter once again



As the greatest Swedish Death Metal band ever—AT THE GATES has established Melodic Death Metal style with their classic《Slaughter of the Soul》back in 1995. This is the turning point which makes them not only one of the most important legions in the history of death metal but also the most special one to date.

From the debut《The Red in the Sky Is Ours》they have already showed their tremendous ambition for the Death Metal music. Adding violin and string to the death metal-based music makes them very special at that time and it’s just a cornerstone for the upcoming classic《Slaughter of the Soul》. This is just the bible for Melodic Death Metal of all times. After the peak of both their career and MDM era is a nearly 2-decades hiatus until their reunion in 2007.

6 years later, their ultimate throne has been reclaimed with the latest album《At War with Reality》which is based on the conception of Magic Realism. What makes this album so special it that it just stands on its own merits but also pure AT THE GATES. Few bands have managed to keep the flame burning after almost 2 decades hiatus as AT THE GATES. They not only touch the topic of philosophy with death metal but also explore the essence of Death Metal with their unique talent.

For the first time AT THE GATES will perform their latest songs for Chinese fans, so this winter they just need you guys to be armed to the teeth, not only for the war with reality but also the war At The Gates!!!




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