张有待[CHEESE] / Dio[LOTUS] / Poppy[LOTUS]

Ben Huang[HOUSE NATION] / Weng Weng[中国打气工厂] / Yang Bing[中国打气工厂]

Mickey Zhang[PLUS] / Chozie[YUM CHA CHA]


First Party of 2015: Back to 88, 2nd of January 2015, Yugong Yishan.

This will be the first hot party in 2015, and will also be the very first party paying homage to the old Cultural Club. Club 88 opened in 1999, when people were excited and anxious about the upcoming new millennium. Also, electronic music as a global trend was first introduced to China. Club 88 was the origin of this trend in China: rave party kicked off from here.

The Club 88 attracted almost every culture figure, celebrity, model and designer from all over China, including actors and actresses – Xu Jinglei, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, Li Yapeng, Wang Xuebing; authors – Wang Shuo, Shi Kang; directors – Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Yang, Tang Danian; artists – Fang Lijun, Chen Wenbo; singers and musicians, that is, the major force of Club 88 – Cui Jian, Zheng Jun, Pu Shu, Zhang Yadong, Lao Lang, Gao Xiaosong, Na Ying, Sun Nan, and bosses such as Wang Zhonglei, Song Ke, among countless others. Those who departed from the old Club 88 all have become figures of significance in China. Hong Kong and Taiwan artists also were attracted, and even Quentin Tarantino was a patron. It was where Jay Zhou had his first mainland album release party, where DouWei and E rehearsed. Club 88 was also a destination for a great number of internationally famed DJs.

Though Club 88 only lasted for more than two years, those two years were absolute. To some, the happiest two years. Pu Shu: there has never been party that great. That was the freshest moment, a joint to spend life in. Club 88 was very influential among the clubs in China, changed the whole night culture. After Club 88, clubs such as Club Velvet, The Loft emerged in Beijing, and also a number of night clubs in Shanghai. Then there came the Vics and Mix, and the whole area of night clubs by Worker’s Stadium.

But none can compete with the mass gathered in the Club 88. It decorated itself minimally, and was therefore a place simply made for the music. Unlike later night clubs that are over-commercialized, Club 88 represented purity: purity of music, environment and crowd. In this sense, Club 88 was really more featured and valued as a cultural club. After 15 years, its value and influence is only more evident.


On the 2nd of January, the party will bring it all back to the golden time: all DJs from the original Club 88 will be there, playing original musics, presenting the boss, and welcoming all the old friends.

This will be an important event in 2015 – a renaissance of the happy, fashionable life 15 years ago.


<Party: Back to 88>

On the 2nd of January 2015, there will be a Back to 88 party paying homage to the earliest electronic music night club of Beijing established 15 years ago. As the most fashionable and trendy club opened in 1999, Club 88 attracted a great number of artists, celebrities and fashion figures, exerting enormous influence onto later night club culture. The original team of DJs Dio, Poppy, Ben, Mickey Zhang, Ouyang and WengWeng will be there playing sets of original electronic dance musics. There will also be a group of special guests and celebrities, for a great re-staging of the original scene, of the original charm.


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