XIE SI: pioneer and founder of Chinese rock n’ roll. XIE SI released debut I Will Not Forget That Time in 1997, tracks such as Greetings for Birthday and Funeral were included in compilation Homage to Zhang Ju. XIE SI released first acoustic guitar album Dancing Fingers in 2001 in Taiwan, US and Europe. The 2010 Melodyism brings XIE SI to the league of international top guitarists. The latest album is Mountain of the Sound of Zither in 2014. Since he was first introduced to rock n’ roll in the 80s it has been 30 years, and he has ever since become the guitarist known for his speed and skill.


XIE SI: the first generation Chinese rocker, undisputed guitarist, traded his soul for rock n’ roll. XIE SI received rigorous training of traditional Chinese music, and has substantial knowledge in music theories. He was introduced to rock n’ roll and electric guitar in the 80s, and a beast was unleashed. The Yellow Men band was among the first generation of Chinese bands, along side Cui Jian’s 7 he ban. After, XIE SI started his solo career, and has dedicated his energy to exploration and training of guitar skills. He practices with not only guitar tracks but also piano, string and even traditional Chinese compositions. With this background, XIE SI has created his own unique style: a XIE Si fusion of rock n’ roll guitar, classical and traditional music, and has ever since become the role model and star among the later musicians.



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