19:30 – 21:00 // Rmb 200 (door) / 150 (presale | stop at midnight on December 23rd) / 138 (early bird | stop at midnight on December 15th)


21:30 – 23:00 // Rmb 200 (door) / 150 (presale | stop at midnight on December 23rd) / 138 (early bird | stop at midnight on December 15th)


Each ticket is attached with one high-elastic cotton pillow.

Tickets online: http://www.yeguanjia.com/party/188.html

24-Hour Hotline: 4000 515298



[Synopsis] The unprecedented strong pillow storm in 2014 is coming, RU Ready? No pillow fights, no Christmas. You are so busy all year round, why not have a carnival now? In this year, Shanghai and Beijing will jointly launch a pillow fight at Christmas. Let us 100% wholeheartedly participate! Release the pressure and show yourself! What’s more, the New Perfume Band, the dancers, DJ and the 10 sets of Hong Kong and Macao Double Deluxe Tour Sweepstake may give you a Big Big Surprise!


The crazy encounter once a year

The chance to be a child again

Everyone has a dream to enter the battlefield

Whether it is a deeply grieved gentle blow, or an unhindered dust attack

Or a superficial hit with glancing back prettily, or a shadowless awesome hit with tenderness and force

Every part of your body will can’t help fighting

The full six-sense experience is incomparable by any parties

Let us smash away all the bad luck, upset, anger and pressure of the whole year

Let the unconstrained fire in our heart burn!

When there is a chance, just be happy! This night we will play an earthshaking pillow fight!


Guests will enjoy:

A. A specially crafted high-elastic cotton pillow for Pillow Fight

B. Three creative battles of Pillow Fight

C. Live show of new Perfume Band

D. Ten unique creative pillow interactive

E. Dancing and DJ moments

F. Lucky Draw for 10 sets of Hong Kong and Macao Double Deluxe Tour


New Perfume Band Intro:

The most rhythm band in china. A Popular band has build 11 years,has win numerrous awards,musci style is INDIE-POP,GOTHIC,POPPUNK,BRIT-POP,EMO. It’s new album “Goodbye childhood” only sell at the show.


N reasons for you to participate in the Christmas pillow fight:

1. Once a year, so you will have to wait for a whole year if you don’t come this time;

2. The best chance to date or play up to your girlfriend or wife;

3. No discord, no concord. You will have feeling for people through fighting. According to the past experiences, the dating medium index of pillow fighting is 99%;

4. The best choice for the company department’s Team Building, entertainment will be contained in the construction of team spirit;

5. The vitality city Shanghai’s most famous Christmas parties, and there are many friends coming from other places, so get the tickets as soon as possible;

6. No matter if you have ever gone to a bar or a night entertainment venue, this party is with no age limitation and is good for either old or young to inspire youth and vitality. Come now, or you will be too old.

7. The best opportunity to give vent to your boss. You must be squeezed by your boss for a whole year, and here you can write your boss’ name on the pillow and smash it severely……


Warm Tips for the Pillow Fight:

1. Full up in advance so that you will have enough strength;

2. Be far away from those iron ladies. According to the past experiences, those iron ladies are much more crazier that men who hit pillows;

3. Please take off the sharp objects such as the glasses, rings or necklace, etc, in advance;

4. Best dressed advice for the Pillow Fight: casual clothes, casual shoes, etc;

5. For safety, it is not allowed to hit the heads, faces and waists, etc, of the participants around.


Brief Introduction to Super Pillow Fight

Pillow fight, a decompression party to reduce the burden of work and life, is popular all over the world. It has the features of rapid decompression, speed date and high interactivity and so on, which is a new “soft violence” vent mode and is more acceptable to introverted Chinese people. Ye Guan Jia net first introduced Pillow Fight to China and created the “Super Pillow Fight” brand. The party was held in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places once or twice a year, has been held consecutively for 9 years, and each year new elements will be involved. It gets popular and is reported by the media at home and abroad for their diversified participants. In the Pillow Fight, participants hit each other with a pillow to release pressure and get joy in the “soft violence”.

Media Report:

Phoenix Satellite Television: the Best Pillow Fight in the History



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  • Tickets: 1ST Rmb 200 (door) / 150 (presale | stop at midnight on December 23rd) / 138 (early bird | stop at midnight on December 15th) 2ND Rmb 200 (door) / 150 (presale | stop at midnight on December 23rd) / 138 (early bird | stop at midnight on December 15th)
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