NO SQUARE [Switzerland – France] CHINA TOUR 2014 – BEIJING

No Square was founded in July 1994 with Matthieu Roffé on Saxophone, Matthieu Durmarque on Piano, André Hahne on Bass and Yannick Oppliger on Drums. The musicians have created individually and collectively the original pieces found in their seven albums «The Fly»(1996), «Green Apples»(1997), «Empreintes»(1999), «Live à la Case à Chocs»(2000), «Cest où Doregon»(2002) , «Double Album Studio & Live»(2005) and «le Pendu»(2008).


With No Square’s seventh album «le Pendu» the listener is invited to travel through eight brand-new compositions, which took inspiration from the many tours that took place over the past years. This jazz quartet confirms, once again, to be well mature and to enjoy sharing their music with lots of generosity. No Square however is above all a group of four strong characters who come together and forge collectively original themes though the art of improvisation.


In March 2006, the French magazine “Jazzman” wrote, “Electric jazz where the collective aspect is paramount; the maturity of the quartet is revealed throughout the CD…musicians well positioned for a new decade and we’ll be there!”


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