SINOTRONICS (formerly Metrowaves / pangbianr) presents:
Lineup: SUBS / Spy Rat 51 / Duck Fight Goose / FM3 (album release) / FAR/∞ / Menghan (DJ)


Beijing-based electronic music label SINOTRONICS presents the third Beijing Electronic Music Encounter (BEME), China’s most progressive annual showcase of electronic sounds.

The theme of BEME III is DARK BRIDGES: hidden connections, unexpected directions, new results. This is not a fallback on the familiar, but a bridge to the unknown.

The second night of BEME III brings radical electronic hybrids to Yugong Yishan’s stage. Perched at a critical point between avant-garde and “familiar” music, this night is the centerpiece of BEME III, presenting dark bridges between punk, post-rock, noise, improvisation, live electronic music, and spheric DJ soundscapes. It starts with an inflammatory synth-grind set from SPY RAT 51, the newest enfant terrible side project of Li Qing and Li Weisi (Snapline / Soviet Pop). From there we hear new moves from old hands as Beijing punk stalwarts SUBS debut a new electronic post-punk direction, then reach the future rock styles of Shanghai’s most progressive band, Duck Fight Goose, a four-piece unit slowly evolving into a post-machine sonic hybrid. DFG will debut a radically new set at BEME III.

The highlight of this event is FM3′s live performance and official release of their new album, Ting Shuo, followed by repeat, experimental & improvised performances from two other artists featured on night one: FAR/∞ and Menghan. BEME III bridges between venues as well as between sounds & styles, their originators and their audience.

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  • Tickets: Rmb 80