Hualun, a band of formidable amateurism, was formed in the winter of 2004 thanks to a random word game. Hualun, based in Wuhan, influenced by the international new music scene, started its exploration of instrumental rock by the end of 2006. Inheriting the originality and aesthetics of roughness of the Wuhan punks, Hualun employs beautiful compositions for expressions of the inner self and is acknowledged as the pioneer of Chinese post-rock.


Twinkle Star was formed in April 2008. Power Pop/ Alt. Rock atmosphere, handsome feeling and influential live performance – all make the band stands out in the new generation of Chinese rock. The band released its first EP Alt Senior in 2009. It also started playing live frequently in Midi, Strawberry and other national festivals. It has been invited to play along with hot international bands such as new generation screamo Saosin from the States, Anberlin, Destine from the Netherlands and the king of Japanese emo Nature Living. Twinkle Star released its first album The End of The New Beginning in 2012. In 2013, bassist Zhao Meng picked up the mic and released EP Don’t Look Back.


Cold Bowl participated in the 2013 Chinese Idol, and gained immense popularity by her eccentric style and adorable talent.

Since her student days in the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Cold Bowl has accumulated a number of original compositions, including the Youth, Now Heaven, Girlfriend and Snow Lotus. A new version of Youth covered by Han Hong, composed by Dou Wei, produced by Liang Qiaobai will be the theme song of the TV series To Youth. Cold Bowl will work on her first album in 2014.


Irreversible brings with it lovely melodies, simple but truthful lyrics. They sing love songs with too much love and motivating songs with too much motivation. Irreversible creates music of hollow mountains and gentle rains, of illusions and bliss. The pure and clean sound delicately goes through your ears and touches your heart.

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  • Tickets: Rmb 80 (door) / 60 (presale) / 100 (Valentine Tickets for Two)