Chochukmo is a 5-piece indie experimental rock band based in Hong Kong, China with Jan Curious on Vocal, Mike Orange on Guitar and Keyboard, Less Hunter on Guitar, Waiting Soul on Bass, and Kitty Trouble on Drums. The members of the band have started contributing their talents and innovations into their music since the summer of 2005, with the current inventive line-up coming into their own in the spring of 2008. With the chemistry triggered by different musical interests and thoughts, Chochukmo has been claimed to have created a unique style of their own.

With the playful minds and the courages of pushing to limits, they experiment rock music with different elements from jazz to punk, from bossa nova to dance. The band is known for their passionate and energetic live performance, and the richness in elements delivered in their music.

Chochukmo has been participating in various music festivals happening in the city, namely Jam Fest, Rockraiser Festival, as well as the well-acclaimed Clockenflap (in 2009 and 2011). In June 2010, Chochukmo has been invited to be one of the performers in the Le French May Musical Showdown at Elizabeth Stadium, sharing the stage with the well-acclaimed WAX TAILOR and The Teenagers from France.

Except local showcases and festivals, Chochukmo has been touring to Manila, Philippines and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, receiving positive reviews from the local media. In August 2010, they’ve been invited for a large scale China tour which they’ve performed in 9 cities, including Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Changsha and Guangzhou. The tour has generated huge noise among the China indie music scene.

Chochukmo has been selected as the “Top 20 Hong Kong Musicians” by Time Out Hong Kong in 2008, has been described as ”Perhaps the most charismatic band to have emerged in southern China in recent years” by TIME Magazine in 2009, and has been included in ”The Hong Kong Hot List: 20 people to watch” by CNNGo in 2009. The band’s debut album The King Lost His Pink has been as well reviewed by TIME Magazine in February 2010. In July 2010, Chochukmo has been featured as a part of the CNN program “Beyond Hong Kong’s Neon Skyline”. A number of tracks of Chochukmo have been featured in the program as well. In April 2012, Chochukmo has been invited to a RTHK program “Music on the move” for interview and live music. In 2013, Chochukmo has been featured on the cover of Time Out Hong Kong Magazine.

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