“A Meaningful Good Time” Rock & Indie charity gig is being held in Beijing on Saturday the 29th June. With the aim of raising funds for the “SNAP” (Spaying/Neutering & Microchipping) Programme for stray animals in Beijing.

The gig takes place within Yugongyishan Live House, 29th June, Beijing, come & join us!


This is a fundraising event initiated by TACN (Together for Animals in China)

TACN gives a voice to passionate animal rights activists, who are against the suffering of animals in China. We work with a network of activists and animal rescuers from across China and abroad, united in our aim to end animal cruelty. The establishment of TACN is a highly significant moment in the establishment of Chinese animal rights and liberation from cruelty.

Official website: TACN.ORG

TACN commits to provide knowledge and ideas about protecting and rescuing animals to the general public, support local rescue teams, improve animal welfare and build up the relationships between people and animals. We aim to meet this commitment by sharing resources, such as educational materials and collaborating with other charities and organisations. Additionally, TACN offers construction and management training for animal shelters, helping animal welfare groups and individuals promote decision-making ability and implementation.

TACN, celebrities and rock/indie bands are joining forces to raise money for the “SNAP” projects for stray animals in Beijing.

The number of stray animals has increased dramatically in the city due to irresponsible ownership and breeding. The living conditions of stray animals are often wretched, with their offspring suffering from poor health and welfare. These animals are also the most likely to be the victims of severe animal cruelty, as well as snatched for the cat/dog-meat trade, most of them would suffer a horrific death in fear.

The fundamental way to solve this problem is by neutering and spaying, followed by microchipping. Neutered & spayed animals will, given time significantly, reduce the stray population. Keeping track of the data, will also serve as important evidence for rescue groups, animals stolen or snatched for the cat/dog-meat trade can be traced back to the owner or other organisations.

NetEase charity platform, ambassador of TACN – Miss Wang Siy, and many more celebrities are showing their support for this event! Changkuan, XTX, The Face, Cobra, Tian Tang and ZDK have all committed to performing for the cause. They all enthusiastically agreed as soon as they were approached by our event organisers. On the night of the event, XTX and The Face will also collaborate for the very first time, which will bring a fantastic new live experience for rock fans.

At the beginning of the event, there’ll be a VCR intro, and have an all-star cast showing their supports for TACN and the event. Many different stories will also be shown to the audience. The background music of the VCR is a tailor-made song for TACN by Kerry Kennedy, an American composer and songwriter, it’ll be the very first time this song is played in public.

All tickets proceeds, donations and news will be released promptly on TACN website (tacn.org) and its main social platforms.

In the next few weeks, we will post more detailed information regarding this event, please stay tuned. You can also find more information on TACN Weibo (@与牠同行TACN)

A brief overview of the stars and bands participated in this fundraising gig:


The first Chinese female rock band. In 2012, Cobra returned to the rock world with a new lineup and appeared in big music festivals and clubs in China. Their music continues retains the previous Rock emotion, adding some psychedelic elements, . This is rock but with female charm! They are invited to this fund-raising activity and Cobra offer their thanks to all loving animal friends!


ChangKuan had led the music trend in China in the 80s. At the age of 17, he was awarded the”commander” in Tokyo at the sixteenth World Music Festival, with the song “Running into love” written and composed by himself amongst his other 2035 songs. Changkuan became the first singer song-writer awarded international & domestic prizes in Mainland China. In March 2014, he supported charity projects and participated in “dream start – charity action” ,as the theme song singer.


“Chinese new rock godfather “. He is known as “King of Live” by media and fans and countless people impersonate him and his songs during live performances.

The Face

The originator of metal bands in China. In 1990, “magic stone culture” created the first metal collection “China Fire 1” in China, which included the first single of The Face – “Give Me a Little Love”. Then The Face started their journey in the metal world. A handsome appearance and popular live performance keep them in the hearts of their fans.


A long-standing Chinese rock band. The members all have a rough and cold appearance but inner passion and kindness, keen on supporting charity events. They have organised and participated in various charity activities and have written many songs, such as “Granny Ding” (for an old lady who rescue stray cats), “bloom” (for wild animal protection), “Hoh Xil” (for Tibetan antelope) and many more.


Founded in 2007, ZDK is a young indie band with a unique style and way of thinking.

Tickets online: http://yugongyishantickets.taobao.com

  • Start:
  • Tickets: Rmb 150 (door) / 100 (presale | stop at midnight on June 28th)
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